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Turn 2 Racing is now Race to Reality. Head to to book a session!

Racing Doesn't Become Easier, You Have To Become Faster...

With limited track days and rising logistics costs, getting your drivers and team prepared has become harder. Welcome to the new era of driver training!

Our Driver In The Loop (DIL) simulator is very different from the typical factory simulator. Most OEM simulators are designed for the engineers to test tire models, aerodynamic changes, and chassis setup instead of a tool for the drivers to prep for races. Our simulators are designed around the driver first and foremost, the physicality, the muscle memory, the motion cuing, the mental timing and visual markers accurately replicating the real on-track session.

We put a large focus on having the most accurate motion cuing and timing. Most people would think professional drivers would be the least likely to get nauseous from a racing simulator however our philosophy is they are in fact the most likely to get sick. It's very simple really, drivers are so in-tune with their race car, the chassis flex, the weight transfer, the suspension compression, the limits of traction, and so on that if anything visually, motion wise, forces applied to the body, delayed response from the drivers inputs, and most importantly the convincing of the inner ear are off even a fraction of a percent the driver will get sick. That's where this simulator comes into play, it was built around these principles for the driver!  

Starting with the visuals, a seamless 5 foot by 20 foot wraparound screen curving back 5 and a half feet to completely encompass your peripheral vision. Sitting inside the certified NASCAR body with a completely purpose built custom chassis will immerse you and push the driver over blend line into reality.

Our motion (Matrix Motion) has 3 main components to it. 

1 - Vehicle Rotation, Traction Limits, Acceleration/Deacceleration

2- Suspension & Chassis Dynamics

3- Driver Tensing System



20 Foot Curved Wrap Around Screen

Active Counter Balance System For Instant Chassis Movements

4 Vibrate Motors With Speed, Curbing, ABS, Surface Texture

Driver Tensing Seat To Manipulate Inner Ear & Tense Driver's Body

RACELOGIC VBOX With Delta Timing & Every Apex Differential Delta

2500 LBS Total Weight With Driver With NASCAR Cockpit

Full Telemetry Lab With Driver Inputs & Suspension Data

Video Recording With Telemetry Syncing

Direct Drive High Torque Telemetry Fed Steering 

Hydraulic Brake With Race Caliper Load Cell Curves & Vibration Feedback  

10 Motion Actuators With Intense & Accurate Driving Cues.

Racing Radios Digitally Encrypted Communication System With Recording Output

Dual Active Harness Tensioning System

Immersive & Private Atmosphere For Drivers & Teams

Driving Dynamics Tailored To Racing Series & Tracks

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215 Madson Place Suite E, Davis CA, 95618 - In Goodyear Parking Lot

TEL: 916-720-5054  |

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