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Welcome To Turn 2 Racing

A Real Racing Experience

Whether you are coming just for fun, are a motorsports enthusiast, or a pro driver, one thing's for sure... You will have a blast! Pick the car and track of your choice and race in virtual reality for a 20 minute session in one of our professional racing simulators. The simulator programs are the same ones the pro race drivers use to train with. All of the cars and tracks are designed upon real life.

About Our Name...

A lot of action happens by the second turn at a race track, generally if the first turn is a right hander the second turn will be a left turn or vice versa causing the cars to mix up their positions for the inside line. This mixing up makes for some exciting racing. As a play on words when you want something exciting to do you should " Turn 2 Racing"

For Those Who Want To Make It Past The 1st Turn - Turn 2 Racing!

4 Professional Racing Simulators


Sessions are 20 minutes each


$15 for the kids rig and adult rig

$20 for the formula 1 motion rig and the full motion car rig


Kids simulator features triple screens, accurate force feedback wheel with paddle shifters, chassis vibrate motor


Adult rig features 96” panoramic view, vibrate motor, strong direct drive steering system, option for manual shifter, load sensing pedals


Formula open wheel rig features motion traction loss unit that sways the chassis as you break traction, speed sensitive wind machine, multiple vibrate motors, direct drive steering system with formula 4 wheel, super ultrawide screen, and load sensing pedals


The full Motion rig features a 2 degree of freedom motion system, multiple vibrate motors, 150” view, sequential shifter out of a real race car, load sensing pedals, passive seat harness tensioner. Come see for yourself how intense these racing simulators are! Turn 2 Racing


Time Attack Competition

The Time Attack Event is an event where we will pick a particular car and track, make a specific car setup and track grip level and you can see how you stack up against other racers in the area. Fastest lap will get a particular prize package for that event. In order for a lap to be counted it has to be a solo session meaning there cannot be any other cars on the track at the same time, why you ask? Because if you get close enough to another car you can get a draft advantage also having other cars on track add grip to the surface that session. Do you have what it takes to put down the fastest lap?

New Time Attack Event will run from October 27th to November 24th on our Full Motion Racing Simulator with the new 150” wraparound screen setup. This will be an even more epic event this time at Road Atlanta in Georgia driving the Aston Martin Vantage GTE, such an amazing combination!
- Fastest lap wins $250
- Top 20 times will have a drawing and if you’re the lucky one we will do a 2.5 hour track day with you in one of our factory race karts! So keep up your hard work and get yourself in the top 20.
- Time Attack Event uses particular car and track setup/conditions. It must be run as a solo event with the same exact condition parameters as everyone else. - Remember we also use your Time Attack times to sort you by groups for future hosted race events so you get to race with other similar timed racers. - Fastest Lap winner can only get payout once every 6 months however you can win an honorary win of a $100 credit and may do this as many times as you can. $250 payout will go to next fastest lap this is all in an effort to keep things fun and interesting including top 20 times to win a prize. Winner of the race kart track day must be between 5’4 to 6’1 less than 215 lbs, 18 or older if you are not within those parameters it will go to an additionally drawn name.
Race on and see everyone at this next time Attack Event only at Turn 2 Racing!


Race Tracks

racing simulator tracks.jpg

Racing Simulator Track - Looks Pretty Real!

scanned track.jpg

Track Laser Scanning Process

The tracks in the simulator are real race tracks across the world. Many of them are laser scanned meaning digital lasers are creating a perfect replica to drive on. From every bump and crack, to rumble strips, to the angles of the turns and elevation changes, even the surrounding structures and trees that racers use as reference points. After a track has been made into a working product they are manually edited for grip levels because a track will have areas of more or less grip throughout. All this results in a precise tool for racing!

View The Track List

We are working on making a full detailed list but so far we have about 60 tracks from around the world to race on.


Race Cars

assetto formula.jpg

The details in the cars is amazing not only in how they look but more importantly in how they handle! Each car is built with specific handling characteristics to react like it's real counterpart. 

View The Car List

We are working on making a full detailed list but so far we have about 75 cars from Street Cars to Spec Miata to GT-3 cars to Prototypes to F1. We have a wide variety.

Professional Driver Training

Are you going to a race track you've never been to before? Maybe you want to get more seat time for an upcoming race, or just hone in your driving skills. What better way than our professional simulators, you can simply get seat time, turn lots of laps, and test different setups or we can even add data analysis into the equation to see where you can make improvements for faster lap times. You will get a lot more laps for a lot less cost than a track day and with the benefit of no broken parts!